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The M. Bierman Cafe Series

All his adult life Bierman has sketched on napkins when having coffee - be it meeting with friends or during business talks in cafes, bars or restaurants. Since 1978, it has been his habit to leave a little stack of these unsigned studies on napkins at the table when leaving.

Bierman enjoys the fact that staff, management and patrons in numerous places across our great land and Mexico have collected these sketches and asked him many questions about art. He speaks of what wonderful people he has had the good fortune to meet due these sketches.

The "napkin studies" are in fact a very serious part of the creative process for Bierman. Through the years, many of these led to a canvas to paint or to a sculpture - one sees there are notes on some of the napkins, these are thoughts of the moment expressing details and ideas.

Having received numerous requests to make some of these studies available, the actual napkins have been put in groups by Bierman and we have created 8 1/2 x 11 limited edition reproductions of a series Bierman had done from 1989 through 2000. Each set is limited to 100 and are numbered and signed by Bierman. Each print will be mailed in a clear, acid-free, archival sleeve with a Certificate of Authenticity.

You can now own a Bierman for only $50.00!

Call Roy Gandhi-Schwatlo, Agent, at 603-525-8007
or email for details and further information.
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